Lead vocalist and MC for After School Special Mike is one of the original members of the band and is also the de-facto manager for After School Special. While there are plenty of singers with better voices, and rappers with better skills there are few lead vocalists that are able to combine both skills at such a high level. Weber as he is affectionately referred to by most also takes great pride in his percussion skills. 


Ofter referred to as "the musician" of the band.  Andy is definitely a man of many skills. He's not only the solo guitar player in ASS but shares lead vocals on many of our best covers.  Andy is equal parts versatile and perfectionist. It's Andy's vocals, guitar playing, and passion for playing that helps drive the band. When he's not tearing up the stage with his guitar playing, you can catch him from time to time spinning tracks for After School Special's DJ Services alongside MC Mike Weber.


The Doctor in the house! Along with Mike Weber he is a founding member of After School Special. Morris was also one of the original guitar players and has shown an incredible ability to learn any instrument or song thrown his way. It's unselfishness and desire for team success that has made him an irreplaceable member of the band. He's also an actual Doctor of Chemistry!


Arguably the quietest member of the band, Tom is the newest member of After School Special. But don't get it twisted when he's behind the drum kit, Tom is a savage who more than makes up it with his aggressive style of play and amazing skills. Few people know that Tom is also an accomplished song writer, and it's hard to imagine what the band would sound like without his amazing harmonies in the mix. Tom jumped on board a few years back and it seems like we've been playing together forever. Tom is also a drum instructor at School of Rock: Attleboro making him one of three members of the band who teaches kids. Hence the name After School Special! Get it? Get it? 

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